Our Mission

Data driven insights is the name of the game in today's communications landscape. However, with the increasing number of data sources, vendors, and in-market complexities, it has become very difficult to see through the noise and make the right decisions.

At Craft Associates, we want to help brands and agencies solve this problem and truly understand their efforts on their digital and traditional communications program.  Our team will help you cut through the noise and derive the relevant insights through a combination of analytics, research methodologies and technology solutions.

Case Studies

We work across telecommunications, media, technology (TMT), hospitality, and tourism brands. Below are a few examples of our client work:

Telecommunications and technology sector

TMT has become one of the most competitive industries over the past several years, especially given today’s uncertain trade winds give battles of the next technological leadership at play. The sector has seen remarkable growth in mobile internet and smartphone penetration, and also with AI and 5G approaching commercialization. This sector has become a matter of national priorities, particularly for US and China.

Craft Associates has deep sector experience in monitoring the media and social conversations over the past five years. Our media analysis and insights are helping our clients drive targeted communications activities and messaging for both US and Chinese brands.

We utilized a variety of media monitoring tools to uncover media insights and help our clients navigate these sensitive times.

London Calling Day 1 2018.JPG



Born straight out of Oxford, United Kingdom, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, is one of the world’s leading nanopore sequencing products in the world. As the company that coined the concept “Internet of Living Things”, they are looking to bring this technology to the fast growing science and research industry to China.


We assisted Oxford Nanopore in conducting a market entry research by looking at the brand reputation, competitive landscape, key influencers, and media landscape through social media and online news across China.


Our research helped our client develop its messaging, target audience, and influencer outreach as it expands its operations in China. We also operate the brand’s social media presence to promote its workshops and events, and facilitate sales, stakeholders and distributor relationships.

The Super 8 Basketball Macau League.png

super 8 basketball league


The Super 8 league which for the first time, comprised of the top professional basketball teams in Asia, held its inaugural tournament.  The league wanted to capture all the data from broadcast, live streaming, web, social media, and earned media data into a story for sponsors.


Collated data and flattened the analysis into common metrics, such as impressions, viewership's and engagement so the business owners understand how many eyeballs and how many people were exposed to the league’s content.


Not only we pulled together the owned data, but we also deployed social listening and media monitoring capture additional earned coverage.  This included capturing a ESPN clip, European coverage of key foreign players, as well as local stories for each of the nationalities represented in the league. 

The league is now in its 2nd season and largely thanks to the impressive media performance in its inaugural season.